Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Defensive Tactics- Book Review by Jeffrey Needle

Jeffrey Needle is a well respected book critic in the LDS community. He writes for the Association of Mormon Letters (AML) as well as As an author I would love to hear how marvelous and brilliant my work is, but lets be honest, that's not realistic. As a new author I have much to learn.

It is beneficial to hear fair and honest critique, including the bad and the ugly. I appreciate Jeff taking the time to review Defensive Tactics. Here are a couple of my favorite blurbs from the critique.

"Westover is a pretty good writer, and he knows how to keep things going. And he's really good at drawing characters out, giving us a pretty complete picture of each of the main players."

I also like..."Westover does a few innovative things with his work, including an ending that just screams that a follow-up is on the way."

And this isn't all bad...

"The plot moves along at a frantic pace, leaving the reader wanting to catch his breath." And "...we find ourselves cheering for the good guys and hoping the bad guys finally get what's coming to them."

And although there is criticism mingled with praise, I enjoy his conclusion.

"Defensive Tactics” is one of those books you read when you want to suspend your rational facilities and get lost in one heck of a good story. Yes, I actually enjoyed the book, despite my misgivings about predictable plotlines and contrived coincidences. Just remember to turn off your rational processes. It is, after all, fiction. Its intention is to distract and entertain, and this book does both."

To read the full review, check out at the link below.

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  1. I wish you the best with your book! It sounds like a page-turner.