Friday, September 24, 2010


My review for today comes from Dan Olsen on his blog "Thoughts on LDS". Here are a few of his comments about Defensive Tactics.

"The book had several well placed hooks at the end of chapters that compelled me to turn the page and keep reading. Steve’s book has it all. Good and bad FBI agents, good and bad cops, bad judges mingling with mobsters, and likeable protagonists. "

"Defensive Tactics is a solid novel by an up and coming writer."

"Interwoven into the suspense/thriller motif is a character struggling with his faith. Even the “true to the faith” characters make judgment calls that bring their ethics into question as they strive to accomplish the greater good by breaking a few rules. The story was very enjoyable, and devoid of overt sexuality and profane language that is very prevalent in much of today’s literature."

Thanks for the review Dan.

To read the full review, visit Dan's blog.

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