Monday, September 20, 2010

Book Review by LDS BookCorner

Today is the first day of my blog tour. I appreciate all the bloggers who are taking the time to participate in this tour. First stop, LDS BookCorner.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from Annie's review...

"Westover writes this exciting suspense thriller, my favorite genre, with the skill of a long time author."

And..."Westover knows his stuff when it comes to keeping his readers on the edge of their seat. I really enjoyed this book and I think you will too."

Wow. Very kind indeed.

One of the struggles I had when I wrote this book was including the gospel material without seeming overtly preachy and cheesy. I think many people shy away from LDS fiction because they assume the preachiness will club them over the head. I tried to strike a balance. Hopefully I succeeded in this. Here's one last comment from Annie's review.

"His characters walk the narrow line between the expectations of the FBI and their standards as members of the church.

This is a tricky balancing act in this kind of a novel. If the writer gets too churchy then the thriller aspect of the FBI doesn’t work, but if they get too deep into the darker world of crime and violence you lose the uplifting aspect of the gospel. Westover’s characters manage to be believable both in their careers and in their spiritual life. Well done!"

Annie, thank you for the kind review. I appreciate the time and effort of all my reviewers. To read the complete review, please check out LDS BookCorner at

You can also sign up at to join their first chapter club. Defensive Tactics will be featured next week.

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