Thursday, September 9, 2010

Defensive Tactics- Book Review by Jennie Hansen

Jennie Hansen is a highly respected book critic in the LDS community. She writes for Meridian Magazine.

A good review from Jennie is a wonderful compliment. I am thrilled she likes my debut novel.

Here are some of my favorite passages.

"I like Westover's use of a setting different from the norm in LDS novels and I enjoyed several instances of originality, especially an escape scene that was both intense and humorous."

"Many male writers have difficulty writing from a female point of view, but Westover handled this quite well, making Emily believable"

"The plot is strong and well-developed with small resolutions that lead to telescoping problems that catch the reader unaware. Questions of personal and professional ethics are introduced and left open-ended for the reader to decide for themselves the answers concerning justice or the law, and to mentally weigh in on the choices made by various characters."

And the final endorsement, "Defensive Tactics is a novel both new and seasoned mystery readers will enjoy reading."

Thank you Jennie!

To read the full review, check out Jennie's post at the Meridian Magazine website.

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  1. Very cool. Congratulations on a great review. Nice. :)