Thursday, September 23, 2010

DEFENSIVE TACTICS Blog Tour- Sandra Sorenson

I get the feeling from Sandra's review that Defensive Tactics wasn't exactly her cup of tea. She didn't hate it, at all, but maybe it wasn't the kind of book she is normally drawn to. That is Okay.

She had some nice things to say. "Defensive Tactics is the first novel for Steve Westover and he was able to tell a great story with all the things one could want in a suspense novel- corrupt officials, mob guys, chase scenes, sabatoge, narrow escapes, unexpected developments. What else could you ask for?"

With that said, she had a valid criticism of the book. "There was one thing that disappointed me in Defensive Tactics. One of the characters has a change of heart. I felt that the change was a bit abrupt- too fast. I would have liked to see the change and development as it happened to the character."

In Defensive Tactics, each of the three main characters experience a change of heart, though some changes are mightier than others. I can see Sandra's point in relation to Jimmy's change. The book is fast and so is his personal development. Maybe it was too quick. Honestly, I've wondered about that myself, but sometimes changes happen quickly when the perfect storm of circumstances combine to offer the proper motivation that we need. Jimmy was certainly placed in an unusual situation at a time when he had hit rock bottom, and to boot, there was a beautiful woman prodding him along.

Can change happen quickly? Absolutely. Does it always? Nope.

Was Jimmy's change of heart too quick? I think its a wonderful question. For Sandra, the answer is "yes". Each reader will need to decide.

I appreciate Sandra reading and reviewing Defensive Tactics and raising this question. Undoubtedly, some readers will agree with her.

To read her full review visit her blog, The Dance

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