Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Defensive Tactics- Blog Tour- Jen Kindrick

Today's stop on the tour takes us to Jen's blog at www.jenheadjen.blogspot.com. To read her full review, please check out her blog.

Here are a couple of my favorite lines.

#1- The first line... "Wow! What a book I have to share today!" Wow! Thank you Jen for the intro.

#2- "Paul, Emily, and soon Jimmy, end up being involved in one of the most twisted and exciting action stories I've ever read." Very Cool! Thanks.

#3- "This book is full of surprises, great humor, and suspense."

#4- "It is a great read for men and women alike."

#5- "Great work on this one Steve! I'll be looking forward to future releases! 5 stars!"

I really appreciate the kind words Jen shared with her bloggers. I do have to admit I was surprised by one line however. "I should warn the sensitive reader. If this were a movie, it would likely get a "PG13" rating, if not an "R" for some violent scenes."

Normally, I would never disagree with a reviewer, and I understand that ratings can be highly subjective. I personally believe Defensive Tactics is a PG book, not PG-13 or R. Yes, there is a little violence, but mostly implied. There is no language, sex or innuendo. I think it is a clean read, and I would feel comfortable with my young teenager reading it.

I truly appreciate Jen and her review. Check out her blog.

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  1. Steve, having read and reviewed the book, I would give it a PG rating. There is nothing, in my humble opinion, that would give it a higher rating than that.

    I just told James about the reviewer's recommended rating and his response was "Are you kidding?" He read Defensive Tactics and enjoyed it.

    Your book doesn't even come close to a PG13 rating, let alone R. A book scene can't be compared to watching it on video. That's comparing apples to pomegranates.