Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Crater Lake Blog Tour Has Begun!

The blog tour for Crater Lake has begun. Here is a sampling of the nice things people are saying about it. If you want more, check out their blogs or look up Crater Lake on Amazon and goodreads to read the reviews.

Battle for Wizard Island is the first book of the Crater Lake series -
and it was EXCELLENT! I was pulled right in from chapter one and only
put the book down when my munchkins insisted they needed Mom. =)
Steve Westover crafts a great mystery filled with suspense that will
keep youth and adults on the edge of their seat. I loved the
characters, their attitudes, and interactions as they try to unravel
ancient stories and clues. I'm definitely purchasing a print copy of
this book. I know my 11 year old daughter will love it!

The story grabbed me from the start. First, the setting is vivid. The
author does a great job at capturing the beauty of Crater Lake.
Second, the characters are all likable. . . I think there are great lessons to be learned from their bravery and perseverance. I can't wait to see
what happens in Steve Westover's future books.

I found Crater Lake a perfect book for tweens, a wonderful adventure for sure. . . Crater Lake is a wonderful mix of intrigue and adventure. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a book that teaches you about determination, and teamwork.

You can also check out this interview...
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and sign up for a drawing for a free copy of Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island on GoodReads.
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  1. Just posted my review as part of this tour. Congratulations on a great book!