Monday, August 8, 2011

Defensive Tactics- Anniversary

One year ago today my first novel, Defensive Tactics, was released by Cedar Fort Publishing. In the past year I have learned a lot and accomplished a number of things.

1- Since then I have written a mid-grade fantasy called Crater Lake: Battle for Wizard Island that is set to be released in March 2012. Crater Lake is an adventure set at pristine Crater Lake in the Oregon Cascades. When an evil spirit chief causes all the adults at Crater Lake to be sucked into the ground, Ethan must race to free them before their fate is sealed permanently.

2- I am almost finished with the sequel to Defensive Tactics. I hope to be ready to submit for approval and publication within the next month or two. The working title is Mormon Gold. This story follows Jimmy, Paul and Emily on another FBI investigation when kids from a youth group go missing on a church history trek.

There have certainly been some ups and downs. My patience has been tested as I have worked to become a better writer and I learn about the publishing business.

Overall it has been a great year. Everyone always asks how Defensive Tactics is selling and I usually reply "Eh..." Numbers haven't been great but for a first time author with no following, publishing contacts or knowledge of the industry, whose book was accepted and printed within 4 months with no time for advertising or marketing from the publisher, for an author with no understanding of marketing or his role in helping to sell the book, I am very satisfied. I've learned a lot from mistakes I've made that I hopefully will not repeat. I've met TONS of great new authors online who are supportive and have excellent knowledge to share.

I am excited for my next release in March and hope to have a quick release on Mormon Gold shortly after that. This has been a great year and I look forward to increased future sales.

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