Thursday, January 6, 2011

Kansas City Temple- Construction Update

Check out some of the pictures of the new Kansas City Temple. Pictures were posted yesterday on the KC Temple Construction website.

It is wonderful how fast the temple is going up. In just over a year it should be completed and we'll be ready for the dedication.
It is fun to watch the progress of the temple construction. I wonder if we are all taking the time to prepare and dedicate our lives to the Lord.
Hopefully we would never just sit back and watch. We are all participants in the construction of our lives as we work to be what our Father wants us to be.

We are all at different places in our personal progress. Some of us may look like the outer steel frame, or some may look complete from the outside. Regardless of where we are, we must always focus inward to be inside what our Father knows we can be.

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  1. Very cool! How fun to watch it being built. I love the last picture.