Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Extra Pie= Pie in the Face

One of the great things about Thanksgiving is all the wonderful pie. This year we had so much, that days afterward we still had whole pies, untouched and unwanted. Sad I know...but what should we do with extra pie? Feed it to the dog or the chickens? I don't think so.

Sunday night after I came home late from meetings, my family was still chatting around the table after Sunday Dinner. We noticed that we still had an unspoiled Banana Cream Pie covered in the refrigerator so we naturally asked the question...Who wants it? No one responded.

My brother Andy commented about how fun it would be to throw pie at someone and my 11 year old son quickly volunteered to be the target.

Giddy with anticipation, Josh prepared for a pie in the face, but his joy was postponed as my wife kindly suggested that we move the pie smashing activities outdoors. Good idea honey.

My son ripped off his shirt and we all headed out to the front yard for some family fun. I tried to record the event for posterity, unfortunately it was pretty dark and the pictures are fuzzy. That's what I get for using a cheap camera on my phone.
In any case, a life long dream was fulfilled for my son and my brother. My son received a tasty pie in the face and Andy put it there. All in all, a fantastic way to put extra pie to good use.


  1. Seriously? lol. that IS one way to get rid of some pie...but I would rather EAT banana cream pie....YUM!

  2. The problem with Banana Cream pie is the bananas start getting soft after a couple of days. Otherwise--one of my favorites.