Monday, August 9, 2010

Defensive Tactics- Officially Released

The official release date for Defensive Tactics was yesterday and I am happy to report that according to Cedar Fort, it is already #9 for the week among Cedar Fort publications. Here's the list.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Worth Checking Out...
First off, the Top 10 sellers this first week of August:
#1- Shattered Silence, by Melissa Moore & M. Bridget Cook
#2- Luck of the Draw, by Rachael Renee Anderson
#3- Zucchini Houdini, by Brenda Stanley
#4- Reluctant Soldier, Reluctant Saint, by Tom Roulstone
#5- Welcome to Stalk Lake City, by Sheralyn Pratt
#6- He Knows You, by Jill Lash
#7- Lipstick Wars, by Christine Thackeray
#8- The Divine Virtues, by Richard Rife
#9- Defensive Tactics, by Steve Westover
#10- Doctrine & Covenants Made Easier #1, by David J. Ridges